Laboratory research equipment


Name: SPECTRAN. Ownership: LLC - Limited Liability Company. Headquarter: ZAPOROZHYE, UKRAINE
Legal address: 14/23, Shevchenko/Patriotychna Str, Office 38, ZAPOROZHYE, UKRAINE, 69001
Tel./fax: +38 061 224 04 78 (multi-channel)
E-mail: spectran X spectran.com.ua
Internet: www.spectran.com.ua


Spectran has been partnering with customers for more than 30 years. In Soviet times we operated as subsidiary of government organization for support of laboratory equipment for enterprises of ferrous metallurgy industry. Our name was changed to SPECTRAN in 1999.


Our Company has a big experience in distribution of instruments for XRF/XRD analysis and sample preparation for industrial and scientific field. At the present moment Spectran serves more than 100 clients from metallurgical, mining, engineering and cement enterprises. We offer to our customers a full range of services, such as equipment deliveries, its installation, start-up, maintenance, and technical support.


Management: 2 people
Sales: 2 people
Service engineers: 2 people
Application engineers: 2 people
Accounts department: 1 people